Contact Tracer

Fed up with manually writing down visitor contact information?

This simple App will massively speed up your visitor or customer experience when they arrive at your establishment.

With the Contact Tracer App, you can now easily scan a QR code on a smartphone which is encoded with your visitors name, email and telephone details. These are stored locally on the smartphone and filterable by name and/or date of visit.

The list of contacts can be exported to CSV and shared via Email etc.

Visitors and Customers can generate their unique QR code by just visiting this site once. The QR code is generated and stored on their smartphone just like any other boarding pass / credit card ( Apple Wallet, Samsung Pay / Google Pay. Then it is just a simple double tap or swipe up to access their contact code as they approach your door.
All you need to do is tell your visitors and customers that you support Contact Tracer and direct them to to generate their one time QR code.
There is no need for each and every visitor to visit a website and manually enter their details every time they visit.

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